Special Winter Deals
One of Cornwall's Oldest & Most Famous Inns.

Live Music & Events



All Live music starts @ 9pm.




Friday 1st ~ Bob Love

Saturday 2nd ~ Joe Francis

Sunday 3rd ~ The Cuts

Wednesday 6th ~ Bob Love

Friday 8th ~ Bob Love

Saturday 9th ~ Jenny Bishop

Sunday 10th ~ Bob Love

Wednesday 13th ~ Graham Buxton

Friday 15th ~ Bob Love

Saturday 16th ~ Graham Buxton

Sunday 17th ~ The Cuts

Wednesday 20th ~ Graham Buxton

Friday 22nd ~ Bob Love

Saturday 23rd ~ Liam Jordan                  ST IVES 18TH ANNUAL BIATHALON 2016

Sunday 24th ~ Bob Seymour

Wednesday 27th ~ Ryan Jones

Friday 29th ~ Bob Love

Saturday 30th ~ Bob Love